Mission and Philosophy

My mission is to work with each individual student and family in the most appropriate style and setting in order to facilitate procedures that might otherwise be arduous and stressful.  My goal is to help each student complete applications and essays that will showcase his or her academic and personal achievements and interests.

Using a variety of methods and resources, including those available on my website, I work with each student as often and in whatever communication format suits his/her needs, as indicated by the accompanying list of available packages and services I provide.  I have found that developing trust, rapport and understanding in a calm and objective working environment are the keys to a successful application experience.

As of 2013, every one of my clients has been accepted to at least one university or program to which they applied.  Many were accepted early decision or early action, and most were able to attend a school that was high on their priority list.  I have a complete list of the colleges, universities, graduate, law, medical and nursing schools to which students with whom I have worked have been accepted over the past decade.

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