Planning Effectively
How has COVID-19 affected the role of standardized tests in college admissions?
It’s hard enough to prepare and sit for standardized tests that might make the difference between getting accepted to or rejected from college. With the added complication of COVID-19, even…
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Guest Post: Gilda Joffe - Tips to Present Your Best YOU
By Gilda Joffe B.M, M.M. The Juilliard School, International Performing Artist and HeartMath® Certified Trainer You know you have what it takes: You dance, sing, play an instrument, create fine…
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Client Testimonials
Client testimonial, University of Colorado Law School, Class of 2023
When I began working with Margery Kashman, I was facing the daunting task of writing multiple law school application essays and addendums, and I was struggling to articulate myself and…
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