Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial: J.T.M., Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University

When I discovered that the school I wanted to attend was also one of the top 15 in the nation, I knew that I was in for a challenging application process. And since I was also applying to a school of journalism, I knew that my writing was an even more essential part of my application. Working […]

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Client Testimonial: T.G., Syracuse University

Mrs. Kashman is great when it comes to helping with all kinds of writing. I had her as an English teacher for two years and a journalism teacher for one. I truly believe that from working with her, I have been able to improve my writing. She also was my advisor when I was sports […]

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Client Testimonial: J.F., Brandeis University

As for the college preparation months which every high school student approaches with anxiety and fear, I know that my college application process would not have passed as smoothly or successfully without Mrs. Kashman's guidance, eagerness to help, and patience. Mrs. Kashman sat down with me until we thought of the best topic for me to […]

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Client Testimonials: J.Z., Michigan University

I remember sitting down attempting to begin my college essay. As I wrote and re-wrote, I knew it was all wrong. I couldn’t find the right words to get my point across, and it was becoming all too overwhelming.  After getting advice from another "expert," I felt as if it was no longer my essay; […]

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Client Testimonial: T.R., Brown University

If I had to choose only one person to help me with my college applications, it would be Mrs. Kashman. Mrs. Kashman proved to be an incredibly valuable resource in the college application process.  Not only did her extraordinarily critical eye help me improve my college essays, but also her astute insight and trustworthy advice […]

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Client Testimonial: M.C.D., Bournemouth University

As English was not my first language, the prospect of handing in a very large thesis with many grammatical and style errors frightened me.  Mrs. Kashman was able to help me even though this was a scientific paper.  Not only did her help improve the clarity of my writing, but she made the paper easier to understand and […]

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Client Testimonial: R.G., Vanderbilt University

The college process is complex and emotionally draining.  However, Mrs. Kashman made this process effortless by reviewing my college essay and helping me through the entire process itself.  Instead of writing the essay for me, she guided me as I wrote the essay myself and then aided me in ameliorating the essay, even when I […]

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