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Physical Elements

1. Do you have a distance limit? (How far you’ll go; do you wish to avoid plane rides, etc.)
If so, explain *:

2. Do you prefer a school in a city, a suburb, or a rural area? *:

3. Is weather a factor in your choice? If so, explain *:

4. What size student body would you prefer? *:
Very Large (20,000 or more)Large (10, 000 - 20,000)Medium (2500 - 10,000)Small (under 2500)

5. Housing: Do you hope to live in a dorm or an apartment (after freshman year)? Is there any particular kind of housing you prefer (No smoking, drug free, etc.) Is the size or condition of the dorms important? *:

6. How important is the availability of different kinds of food and drink on or near campus? Do you have significant dietary needs? *:

Academic Elements

1. Are you interested in a liberal arts college without graduate programs or research components, or would you prefer a university? *:

2. Are you interested in a specific school (i.e. business, theatre arts, journalism) or a particular major? *:

3. Does class size matter to you? Please explain *:

4. Are you looking for a school with special features (an honors program, special needs, etc.)? *:

5. What level of academic rigor do you prefer? (Very rigorous, midrange, less intense) *:

Social / Extra curricular / Sports

1. What specific activities do you hope to pursue (i.e. newspaper)? *:

2. Do you plan to participate in sports: Varsity, club, intramural? Which sports? *:

3. How important is the role of spectator sports on campus? *:

4. Do you want a school with or without Greek life? (Fraternities/sororities) *:

5. Is diversity important to you: Ethnic, racial, etc.? *:

6. Focus: How important is religion or religious affiliation to you? *:

7. Is the male/female ratio important to you? *:

8. What collegiate atmosphere do you prefer: Artsy, politically active, cohesive community, social? *:

Family requirements:

(i.e.: Would your parents prefer that you stay within 50 miles of home, etc.?) *:

Special circumstances:

Talents: Music, art, theatre, film, writing athletics, science research, etc. *:

Legacy (Has a parent, grandparent or sibling attended any of the schools?) *:

Development (Has your family donated a significant amount of money to a school?) *:


Underrepresented minority (Are you a Native American, etc.) *:

Special needs (Do you require special services?) *:


• Your intended major or fields of study in which you are interested *:

• Your GPA *:

• SAT/ACT Scores *:

• If possible, attach
A transcript of your courses and grades
A list of honors, extra-curricular activities (with leadership positions held) *:

• Are there any “glitches” on your record that may have to be addressed? *:


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