Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial, SH, Florida Atlantic University, 2026

Margie Kashman took the guesswork out of applying to college for me. When I first started the college process, I had a good idea of what I was looking for in a college, but I was nervous about getting in.  Like most students, stress about doing enough to get into the college of my choice […]

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Client Testimonial, Montclair State University, BFA in Dance ‘26

Before I started working with Margie, going to college was not in my plans for the future, mostly because of how overwhelming the whole thing seemed. Through our meetings over Zoom, I began to feel more confident with going through the application process and I committed to pursuing a college-level dance program. At first, the […]

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Client Testimonial, Duke University

When I first began my college application process, I was unsure of what schools to apply to and what to write my essays about. Margery assisted me in ways that I had not expected. Not only did she guide me in which topics to discuss in my college essays and how parts of the essay […]

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Client Testimonial, Columbia University, MDE/DNP Nursing program

Margie was amazingly helpful during the graduate nursing school application process. Although I often struggle with writing, Margie helped me identify main ideas in order to form cohesive essays for my applications. While some of my application deadlines were tight, Margie was flexible and always willing to work with my schedule. Furthermore, Margie was extremely […]

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Client Testimonial, LW, University of Michigan, 2025

Margie was an outstanding college advisor. I can’t thank her enough for being not only so helpful and honest but for always being so flexible with her schedule and doing anything and everything in her power to help navigate me through the stresses of applying to college. Her abundance of knowledge in regard to college […]

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Client Testimonial, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University ’25

College Essay Whiz is the best. The step-by-step help and the insightful ways to enhance my application helped greatly. I got accepted into my reach school when I never thought I would. The whole application experience is broken down and analyzed part by part so I could ensure my application was the best it could […]

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Client Testimonial, RK, Binghamton University ’25

Margie Kashman, owner of College Essay Whiz, was available to me at all times and helped to make the college selection process so much easier. She helped me create a list of schools that met my needs. She researched the programs that would be best for me. She walked me through the ins and outs […]

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Client Testimonial, Parent, U of Cincinnati ‘26

Margie Kashman did a great job guiding my son through the complicated admission process from the ambiguous beginning until the cheerful email he received about acceptance into his first choice school. I like her style a lot; she kept my son within the timeframe, encouraging him to be organized. Margie didn’t write the essays instead […]

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Client Testimonial, Parent, University of Florida at Gainesville, ’25

The assistance through the college application process with College Essay Whiz was invaluable. I appreciate Margie’s intelligence, organization, sincerity, and  support. In this potentially stressful process, her kindness and humor definitely smoothed the path. When I look back on this process, I think I will most remember her comforting demeanor and how much fun she […]

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