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The CEW Guide on How to Manage the College Application Process

You will get:

  • 3.5 Hours (8 Sections) of Video Lessons given by The College Essay Whiz: Margery Kashman will guide you step by step through the most important elements of the college application process. These unique lessons are clearly organized, detailed, and easy to follow.
  • 1 Roadmap to success: This is the ultimate timeline that lays out the journey from ninth grade to senior year for college-bound students. You'll get the benefit of a clearly detailed process that will make the college application less stressful throughout high school all the way through the summer before you enter college!
  • Live Q & A: College Essay Whiz Margery Kashman will answer your questions in real time in a small group setting via a Facebook /Youtube live session. After taking the course please send your questions in advance in case your questions require specific research.
  • 14 Handouts: With the class you get a workbook of handouts to supplement the topics covered in the video lessons.
  • The College Essay Whiz Guide to Keeping Track of Honors and Activities
  • Top Ten Tips on Who to Thank
  • The College Essay Whiz Guide to Standardized Testing Terms
  • The Best Schools for Students with Accommodations
  • The College Essay Whiz’s Eight Great Tips for Breaking the Ice on a Campus Visit
  • The College Essay Whiz’s Top Ten Things to Do When College Representatives Visit
  • You've Applied Early: CEW's Top Ten Important Things to Know
  • Eight Things to Know About Legacy
  • Wondering How Many Applications to Send? Here's Your Top Ten Answers!
  • Examples of Common App and Coalition Prompts
  • The College Essay Whiz’s Admissions Essay Tips
  • The Top 5 Qs about FAFSA
  • From Former Students: Top 20+ Issues to Think About In Your College Applications
  • College Essay Whiz’s Roadmaps to Success
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  • What to Do Before Your Senior Year: Learn all the techniques that are necessary to prepare for applying to college, including:
    • Choosing courses each year that will show increased levels of difficulty
    • Participating in activities and leadership roles
    • Keeping accurate records of honors, awards and leadership positions
    • Thinking ahead about standardized testing, essay topics, and college majors
    • Starting your college search
  • Get advice on stress-free ways to build your College List. Learn how to identify essential criteria like academics, geographic location, size, campus, community atmosphere, social & personal requirements, and financial need. Learn about valuable resources on the web to find your perfect college and ways to put your best foot forward.
  • Learn about all the admission options like Early Decision, Early Action, Rolling Admission and Regular Decision to help you decide which ones are best for you.
  • Understand the differences among “Reach," “Reasonable/Target” and “Safety” schools" in order to build a strong college list.
  • Discover the Who, What, When, Where and How of planning your college visits, the kinds of questions to ask and how to get a sense of the school community “vibe.”
  • Get a complete understanding of the different college applications like The Common Application (“Common App”), The Coalition Application for College Access, state university systems and applications for individual colleges, and how to navigate them all!l
  • Find out what colleges REALLY consider when they are evaluating applications and what to do after your application has been submitted, including how to search for scholarships and financial aid.
  • BONUS: Learn the top 10 errors and omissions to avoid!
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Coming Soon: The Ultimate Guide to Navigating the 2021 Common App [Live webinar]

  • This will be a two-hour virtual guided tour of the Common App website with tips about how to apply to college via the Common App. Margery Kashman will give advice and direction through an entire mock application and point out areas you can stand out.
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Coming in 2022: The CEW Guide on How to Write the College Essay

  • Margery Kashman will give advice and direction to help you do your best on the personal statement and additional information essays.

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