The CEW Guide on How to Manage the College Application Process

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  • 3 Easy Payments of $103 (3 Month Payment Plan)

    • 3 Easy Payments of $103 (3 Month Payment Plan)

What's great about this course?

You will get:

  • 3.5 Hours (8 Sections) of Video Lessons given by The College Essay Whiz: Margery Kashman will guide you step by step through the most important elements of the college application process. These unique lessons are clearly organized, detailed, and easy to follow.
  • 5 Roadmaps to success: This is the ultimate timeline that lays out the journey from ninth grade to senior year for college-bound students. You'll get the benefit of a clearly detailed process that will make the college application less stressful throughout high school all the way through the summer before you enter college!
  • Live Q & A: College Essay Whiz Margery Kashman will answer your questions in real time in a small group setting via a Facebook /Youtube live session. After taking the course, please send your questions in advance in case your questions require specific research.
  • 14 Handouts: With the class you get a workbook of handouts to supplement the topics covered in the video lessons.


Learn all the techniques that are necessary to prepare for applying to college, including:

  1. What to do before you apply
  2. Making a college list
  3. Understanding admission options, benefits and drawbacks
  4. What colleges consider
  5. The college application platforms
  6. Navigating the application process
  7. An overview of the essays
  8. What to do after submitting the applications

In this course, Margery Kashman will teach you how to get started on your college search, keeping accurate records and thinking ahead about standardized testing, essay topics, and college majors. She’ll give you advice on stress-free ways to decide which colleges are right for you, including academics, geographic location, size, campus, community atmosphere, social & personal requirements, and financial need.

You get a complete overview of all the admission options like Early Decision, Early Action, Rolling Admission and Regular Decision to help you decide which ones are best for you. She’ll also help you understand the differences among “Reach," “Target” and “Safety” schools. You’ll also find out what colleges REALLY consider when they are evaluating applications and what to do after your application has been submitted, including how to search for scholarships and financial aid.

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Video Previews of the Course

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Section 1: Ready, Set, College! What to do before you apply

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Section 3: Understanding admission options, benefits and drawbacks

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Section 5: The College Application Platforms

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Section 6: Navigating the Application Process

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Section 8: What to Do After Submitting the Applications

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been working with college applicants?

I have been working with college applicants since the 1990s. I have been College Essay Whiz since 2007.

I am a one-to-one consulting client. How can I get access to the course?

Please use the "Contact Me" form for information on how to access the course.

Does this course help with writing my essay?

The course includes an overview of a wide variety of essay topics but does not give specific guidance on how to write individual essays. Please use the "Contact Me" form to inquire about one-to-one essay advice.

What is your success rate of your clients? Will this course help me get into the college of my choice?

Every one of my clients has been accepted to college. Many of them have gotten into their first choice schools, and the great majority of them have had several schools to choose from. Nothing replaces one-on-one consulting, but this course will help you put your best foot forward towards getting into the college of your choice.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! I offer an installment payment plan which allows you to pay for the course over a 3-month period.

I can't afford this course but I really need it. Do you offer deals or coupons?

Yes, I do! A few times a year, I send out coupons to a list of interested parties. To get on that list, sign up here.

What if I have questions after the course?

Included in this course is access to a LIVE monthly group question and answer session. You can ask specific questions that I will answer during a scheduled live event. Please send your questions in advance using the "Contact Me" form.

I represent a group, school or organization that is related to college-bound students. Can I get bulk discounted access for my entire organization or class?

No problem! Get in touch here to learn about how to get discounted access to the course for your organization or group. I also have an affiliate program where you can link to my website and get credit for tracked purchases.

What if I have questions about the product or need support in accessing materials?

Please use the "Contact Me" form for any questions or concerns and we will respond ASAP.


"I especially liked your way of speaking,- the tone and tempo of your voice is very secure, slow and comforting. There is a wonderful explanation of the process and how YOU can be helpful. It really explains what parents have NOT thought of and why they should buy this (very reasonably!) priced course. Then of course, if I was a parent, there is no doubt that I would be contacting you for personal service regarding my child.

So from a commercial perspective, I think it is wonderfully done. Not only informationally but in the graphics and good choice of music. Really a win Margie! And if I didn't like something I sure would mention it, because I know it would help you. But I think it is great! "

Gilda Joffe
Executive Female Coach /
Author of “Dancing with Your Muse” - Exisle Publishing



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