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Editing of essays and term papers in college and graduate school:

  • Once you are accepted and you are actually writing papers for your college and graduate school professors, you may find that their expectations are higher or different from those of your former teachers. College Essay Whiz will read your papers, advise you about how to improve them, and help you with basic grammar, usage and punctuation so that you can develop better skills.

Editing of professional works in progress:

  • College Essay Whiz has considerable experience in editing a variety of academic and professional works, including articles and books for publication, film and theatre scripts, masters’ theses, and doctoral dissertations. Contact College Essay Whiz to discuss your specific needs.

Preparation of resumes and cover letters:

  • In addition to working with students who need resumes for their applications, College Essay Whiz can help
    internship and job applicants prepare resumes and cover letters. Guided practice for interviews, including a mock interview session, can help put you at ease for the real thing! To get started, please read the following advice articles on cover letters and resumes.

Help with preparation and writing of speeches:

  • Have you ever been asked to write and deliver a speech? You may have had to do a testimonial, an introduction to a speaker, or an award presentation. Sometimes preparing a short, clear and interesting speech is more difficult than writing a long paper. College Essay Whiz has had a great deal of experience helping people, ranging from folks who need to give a toast to high school valedictorians and lay people who have been asked to deliver sermons.Contact College Essay Whiz for a consultation!

SAT and ACT preparation:

  • For juniors in high school who need practice with the English and reading sections of these standardized tests, College Essay Whiz offers sessions for individuals and small groups. These sessions will start in January and last through June of each year. Contact College Essay Whiz to reserve a space!

Group and individual instruction in grammar and writing skills:

  • During the spring semester, College Essay Whiz will offer mini-courses in these areas to students and adults who want to improve their skills or even learn the basic skills in grammar, punctuation, usage, and sentence structure that you might have forgotten or never had the opportunity to learn. For those clients who live in the New York Metropolitan area, watch for announcements of dates and times of the courses to be given at the College Essay Whiz office. There will be opportunities to take these courses remotely as well. Contact College Essay Whiz for any further information: Class sizes are limited. For those who prefer private tutoring, individual sessions may be arranged.


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