Law School Letter and/or Personal Statement

Are you applying to law school?  The personal statement is an extremely vital aspect of your application!  Here are some tips about the purpose of the essay as well as the admissions officers’ expectations in terms of style and content:

The purpose of the personal statement:

  • It introduces the applicant to the admissions committees
  • It demonstrates the applicant’s strengths
  • It demonstrates the applicant’s writing ability and style
  • It conveys the uniqueness of the applicant as a student and as a person
  • It helps to determine the applicant’s qualifications for admissions


In terms of style, the personal statement:

  • Must not have technical errors
  • Should not exceed two pages, single spaced
  • Should use standard font and size
  • Should either be a general one if presented to LSDAS or tailored to specific school if it is going directly to the particular law school admissions committee
  • Should be provocative and interesting, but not “gimmicky”
  • Should be factual, brief, comprehensive and organized


The content of the personal statement should include:

  • A clear explanation of the applicant’s qualifications
  • An emphasis on the applicant’s strengths
  • Insight into the applicant’s character and personality


Possible topics:

  • Brief biography
  • Story which illustrates the applicant’s reason for applying to law school
  • Examples of adversities that have been overcome or success in meeting life’s challenges
  • Actual experiences or past accomplishments
  • An explanation of why the topic has value to the applicant