Client Testimonial, AW, Williams ’19

There are 37,100 high schools in the U.S., and there are 37,100 class presidents applying to college every year.  You won’t get into Harvard by merely writing, “I am the Valedictorian of my graduating class” on your application.  So, how do you get admitted to the university of your choice?  How do you set yourself apart from the 37,000 other top applicants?  It is as plain and simple as this:  Highly selective colleges and universities expect top-notch applications and accept works of art.

Without Margery I would never have been able to put together a truly competitive application.  I applied to Williams, Bowdoin, Middlebury, and Haverford (all four of which are top-ten liberal arts colleges), and was admitted to all four.  Moreover, admissions officers from Williams, Middlebury, and Haverford sent me handwritten letters in which they complimented me on my essays and personally asked me to attend their schools.

To anyone who seriously desires to attend a top university, I strongly recommend Margery.  She will work with you to bring your unique story to life in a light that is presentable to admissions officers.  She is a wonderful person and a true pleasure to work with.  And lastly, her track record stands for itself.  If you put in your share of work, she’ll get you into college.

                                                                                    AW, Williams ’19

Client Testimonial, Father of B.E., Duke University ’19

My dear son was just too relaxed about his college future, three weeks to the application deadline I called up a few friends for advice, and Margery was highly recommended. Although it was the busiest time of the year for her, she made time to see us the next day, managed to help out with over 15 applications and countless essays. Soon after, the acceptance letters came rolling in: Duke, Cornell, UVA and many more. We could not stress enough how much Margery’s guidance attributed to my son’s heavy stack of admittances and would recommend her to any student with high aspirations.

                                                                        Father of B.E., Duke University ’19

Client Testimonial, B.E., Duke University ’19

With only three weeks until college application deadlines, my computer screen was blank. I had made little progress with my college essays, except for a few scattered ideas I failed to cultivate. I found myself not only lost but also flustered by the seemingly dreadful task that is writing college essays. Working with Margery was undoubtedly the key to my success in the grueling college process. She guided me through every stage, from developing a strategy and brainstorming ideas to writing powerful essays of great impact and substance. In the few weeks we had, we managed to go above and beyond. Thanks to Margery’s guidance, great communication, constructive criticism and expert editing skills, I was able to work to my full potential – not to mention to mature as a writer.

                                                                        B.E., Duke University ’19

Client Testimonial, LH, American University ’19

I’m from Trenton, New Jersey, where the crime rate is high and the literacy rate low. College was a dream to me, but one I was determined to make a reality. I met Margery in August of 2014. This is when we began to work together on my college applications and my application for the Bill Gates scholarship. Margery and I started by filling out the information part of the application. She helped me thoroughly check every single part of the information section so we didn’t miss anything. Next we started the essays: First, the Common App personal statement and second, the Additional Information question. Margery helped me edit and cut down an essay that was originally over 1,000 words into a perfect 649 word essay. Yes, Margery is so good at cutting and editing essays that she trimmed it all the way down to just one word under the limit without omitting one idea that was in the original essay.

After perfecting the Common App essays, we started to work on the writing supplements. Margery helped me edit and cut down each essay to perfection. After all of this, we started to work on the Gates scholarship application which included eight essays that could not total more than 1,000 words. Margery helped me format and edit all eight essays. I am happy to report that I got into six out of seven schools and that I was also awarded the Gates Scholarship. I know without a doubt that without Margery, I would not have been as successful as I am today. Thank you, Margery.

                                                                                    LH, American University ’19

Client Testimonial, AG, Cornell ’19

Margery Kashman, aka The College Essay Whiz, was the obvious and easy choice to help me with the daunting task of filling out college applications and writing college essays.

My older brother had worked with Margery to help him in this process, and he developed a great relationship with Margery.  She came to understand his personality and therefore his goals rather quickly, and the end result was a flawless college application and beautifully written essays. My brother and my parents were so impressed with Margery that they encouraged me to use her as an ACT tutor and a college advisor.  I am glad that I heeded their advice.

The end result was everything I could have wished for.  With her guidance, I improved my ACT scores.   In addition, I, too, submitted flawless college applications and interesting and articulate essays.  I could not have reached my goals without her! Thank you, Margery!

                                                                                                – AG, Cornell ’19