July 31, 2020

11 Things College Students Need to Know for Going Back to Campus

Going to college soon? Being prepared will ease the transition.

Although many colleges and universities have made the difficult decision to keep their school communities safe by becoming completely virtual for the first semester, others have made adjustments to allow students to safely move onto campus. Some have created hybrids of on-campus and online classes and activities. Others will be inviting their students to learn and live in a more open campus setting. No matter what your school is planning, many students will be heading to campus or off-campus housing.

Advance preparation won’t eliminate all of the anxiety, but it certainly can help you feel more confident. Here are some tips for students and families to help plan for this huge step in your lives.

1. Make planning and packing easy by using the College Essay Whiz Ultimate Packing List! Recently updated, this list is a must for everything a student would need, including items to keep safe from COVID-19.

2. Learn about your school’s course registration procedures and timing so that you don’t run the risk of getting “closed out” of essential classes. Much of this can be done online already.

3. Follow the school’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts for academic procedures, events and workshops that will be hosted on campus or virtually. Read your emails and texts for updates, and check the school website frequently.

4. This semester, school-sponsored clubs or activities may be virtual; others may be offered with safety measures in place. Check your school’s website and calendar for updated information.

5. Be sure that you are up-to-date with any social distancing rules, temperature checks, and/or new dining options. It is important to understand what is expected of you once you arrive on campus. You may be required to read and sign a contract.

6. Learn the layout of the school! Upload a map to your phone and make sure it’s accessible when you are getting to know your campus.

7. Know how to stay safe on campus; acquaint yourself with safe rides and security systems.

8. If you will be housed with a roommate, contact him/her ahead of time to get comfortable and to share your plans for your dorm room.

9. Talk to your parents, guardians, etc., about your concerns and expectations as well as theirs. Decide how and when you’ll communicate with them.

10. Be prepared to manage your own finances. You’ll need to keep track of your funds and pay off your credit cards when they’re due.

11. Be sure you know how to use any new technology: laptop, notebook, netbook, tablet, cell phone, etc.



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