September 30, 2018

Catchy Campus Tours

Looking for an honest, insider tour with current students – with similar interests – at your top pick?

Consider Campus Sherpa

What’s the deal? Prospective students interested in a particular university can go onto the Campus Sherpa website, put in the university they’d like to visit, the date, which major they’re interested in, as well as some of what they would like to see and do on campus. Students can request to sit in on a class, eat on campus, or even meet their Sherpa’s friends; then, their ‘Sherpa’ puts together a personalized tour itinerary.

What are some of the perks? Prospective students can explore some of the very activities they would be interested in pursuing on campus. Prospective students can also ask questions about any aspect of campus life, including sports, night life, housing and dining. Because students are not recruiters and because Campus Sherpa is not connected to any particular university, it is a unique opportunity for prospective students to ask questions they might not ask at an information session or a campus tour.

How much does it cost? Students can choose between four tour length options: 45 minutes ($60), 2 hours ($115), 5 hours ($275), or a 30-minute online chat with a Sherpa ($35).

Where can I find more information? Check out their website!

Is your family ready for college tours, but apprehensive about all the planning and coordination?

Consider Campanile Campus Tours

What’s the deal? The Campanile team takes your college list, travel dates, and the particular interests of the student and creates a personalized itinerary with a day on each campus. The team also books the best places for families to stay near campus (often walking distance), and arrange for transportation. All the details of the trip are then consolidated into a single itinerary which includes information such as directions from one campus to the next, class visit descriptions, parking, and professor bios. All this is then put into TripIt, an app that families can use while on the road.

What are some of the perks? Each visit is personalized to the prospective students, so families will be able to get a real feel for how their student’s college experience would be. Additionally, families planning to visit several campuses in one trip have the peace of mind of knowing that the logistics are taken care of and that the call center is always open to help families, in case of unexpected surprises!

How much does it cost? Each trip, because it’s personalized, has a different price. To find out more, contact the Campanile team.

Where can I find more information? Check out their website.

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