August 25, 2013

Client Testimonial: A very happy parent whose son got into his number one choice college

The college application and essay process can be a very daunting and nerve wracking experience.   This is why Margery Kashman was a dream come try for us.  Margery came very highly recommended, and the moment we sat down to talk to her, we knew we were in the best of hands.  She is kind, warm, capable and completely knowledgeable about the college process.  Her writing skills are magnificent and her ability to draw information out of a student and turn it into a beautiful essay is a gift.  She made my son feel completely comfortable from the start and made it easy for him to share his thoughts. We were thrilled with his essay and so was his school.

Because we live fairly far away from Margery’s office, after our first meeting with her, my son worked with her online.  I thought this might be a little difficult, but of course it was easy and fun.  We were always excited to get an e-mail from Margery and know we were one step closer to completing the process.

We first came to Margery to work on the college essay, but we loved her so much that we ended up using her for the entire application process. It was nice going to bed at night knowing I had Margery looking out for us as she knows exactly what the schools want!  After a short while, it was like working with family, and as soon as he got his acceptance letter to his number one college, Margery was one of the first people we called. She takes all of the stress out of the process and I am forever grateful that we found her.  My son continued call her for guidance with other school work will continue to work with her throughout his college years.

– A very happy parent whose son got into his number one choice college with the help of a very special lady!

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