August 25, 2013

Client Testimonial: JF, Brandeis and C.W. Post graduate school

Margery Kashman was my high school English and journalism teacher as well as my newspaper club mentor. She selected me to be one of the editors of the school paper, and since then, she has molded me into a strong, passionate writer.  “MK” assisted me not only with my undergraduate college essays but with every single supplemental application essay as well, even if it was a 4-sentence paragraph.  I also utilized her services for my graduate school application.  As I had been working full time and was under a lot of pressure to complete and send my application, she was able to help me with my essays in a timely, efficient manner.  She is easy to work with and flexible; it is always a pleasure to sit down with her and work together.  She also helped my brother recently with his intense medical school applications, and he will be attending medical school in the fall.

MK is quick to respond to my e-mails, and I can always depend on her.  Her corrections on my work have also helped me learn more about various aspects of writing in general.  I always feel more confident about my writing after I work with MK on my projects.  She has taught me almost everything I know about proper writing etiquette and has enhanced my writing skills dramatically over the years.

MK is not only one of the most intelligent and talented people I’ve ever known, but she is also the most dependable, responsible, and dedicated person to her students and clients.  She cares about their success as if they were her own family members.

MK is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people I know for helping students with their college and grad school applications as well as resumes and cover letters. I refer people to “College Essay Whiz” whenever I can, because MK is truly #1 in this business.

– JF, Brandeis and C.W. Post graduate school

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