February 17, 2020

Client Testimonial, Lehigh Class of 2024

When I started the college process as an anxious junior dreading the college process, Margie knew right away how to calm my nerves. We began with making a list of my needs and wants in a school. On her own, she extensively researched schools and programs that she thought would be good for me and explained the reasons to me. Margie opened my eyes to schools and ideas that not only would I never have thought of but were also schools in which I developed strong interests. This is because she tailors to personal needs and is dedicated to making sure the right choice is made.

Throughout the summer leading up to my senior year, Margie and I FaceTimed at least once a week and set essay and supplement benchmarks to be completed. With her help of staying on task, I was able to submit all of my applications months before they were due, which alleviated a big part of the stress I faced as a first semester senior. Margie carefully reviewed each of my essays and supplements and gave me the necessary pointers, advice, and corrections needed in order to perfect each written piece I handed in. Whenever I had a question that could not be answered by the school’s site, Margie would take matters into her own hands by emailing and calling various instructors within the school to make sure I was properly informed. Margie’s experience, dedication, and credibility has always been evident, as she constantly visited various colleges and informed me about her thoughts of each. She even kept my parents involved by sending us both newsletters via email regarding advice, deadlines, and important facts. I truly believe her guidance was crucial to making the right decision. I am excited to attend Lehigh University in the fall of 2020, and this wouldn’t be possible without the help of Margie.

– Lehigh Class of 2024

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