August 25, 2013

Client Testimonial: Proud Parents of a University of Pennsylvania student

Both of our children used Margery Kashman for their college essays. Margery is truly incredible because she helps each child pick what is special to them and lets them tell her how they see themselves. After extracting this information, she helps set up a plan for the student to determine which information fits which essay(s) best. She does not do the work for them; she guides them to find their true voices so their essays maintain their authenticity.  Our children responded to Margery better than they would have responded to us.

Having just finished the college application process with our younger son, we can’t recommend Margery enough for anyone nearing this process. She was patient, knowledgeable, and efficient and helped my son organize his thoughts and ideas on each essay.  She is always on top of her game and stays familiar with the various college applications and supplements as well as the colleges themselves. With Margery’s guidance, both of our children got into their first choice schools, and we are forever grateful.

– Proud Parents of a University of Pennsylvania student

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