December 7, 2019

Five Important Tips About Writing Thank You Emails

Here are five important tips about writing thank you emails:

1. Compose a short, polite message, including a greeting and closing.
2. Be sure that the subject line clearly refers to the reason for your email (Letter of reference, Jason Crane; Dartmouth Interview, Nancy Green)
3. Compose an appropriate message, including a greeting and closing. Be specific about how this person helped you, provided you with information, etc.
4. Double check the spelling of the person’s name. Be sure to address the person properly: Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Professor, etc.
5. Be sure that you spell, capitalize and punctuate correctly. Don’t write the letter like a casual text.

Here are some examples:

Thank an admissions officer or an alumnus/alumna for an interview:

Dear Dr. Liston,

Thank you so much for meeting with me yesterday to discuss my qualifications for admission to (Insert college) and to answer my questions. I know that you are very busy and it was very kind of you to take the time to speak with me. I was also intrigued by the questions that you posed during the course of our discussion.

I appreciate your expertise and insight into what (Insert college) has to offer its students. As a result of our conversation, I am even more eager to become a member of the Class of (Insert year).

Nancy Reed

Thank a teacher for a letter of reference:

Dear Mrs. Tenzer,

Thank you so much for agreeing to write a letter of recommendation to support my college applications. I know that this is a very busy time of year for you, and I am grateful that you were willing to write about my academic progress and participation in your class. I have always admired your professionalism and your ability to engage your students in the study of (Insert subject). I am honored that you took the time to write the letter.

I will certainly let you know about the outcomes of my application. Thank you again!

Jesse Silver

Sending a thank you note distinguishes you from other candidates. Not only does it remind the recipients of who you are, but it makes them feel good about what they do and why they do it!

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