August 21, 2009

College Application Essays: How much help is too much?

How much help should I seek on the essays?  Who should be asked?

It is expected that you will do your best work on an essay, and the essay should, of course, be your own work. No one should write it for you; and under no circumstances should you “purchase” an essay on the internet. On the other hand, it is also expected that you will avail yourself of the resources of an editor whether that would be a college essay adviser, a counselor, your own English teacher, a parent, relative, or family friend. Keep in mind that some counselors insist on seeing your essay and giving some feedback and that your English teacher will be helpful in catching technical errors. Parents have a tremendous stake in the admissions process and are often very helpful. It is, of course, an excellent idea to work with someone who is objective, who can view your work with a critical eye, and who can help you perfect your essay.

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