November 1, 2009

It’s All in the Timing


So you’ve clicked on “Submit.”  You’ve done it.  You’ve applied to your dream school – early decision, early action, rolling – and now, you just want to hear that you’ve been accepted.  And you are almost finished with many of those “regular” admissions applications as well — although you still have a month or so to wrap them up and even to add a few more last minute choices!

Be sure that you are preparing applications to colleges that aren’t necessarily your first choice but that you would be happy to attend if you are not accepted to or are deferred from Dream University.  Also, you may not hear from Dream University before the deadlines for submission of applications to your other choices.  It’s all in the timing, after all.

Unfortunately, acceptance to college is not just a click away.  Admissions officers across the country will be spending the next six months sifting through applications, sorting them into “yes,” “no,” and “maybe” piles in the very thorough and time-consuming process of selecting high school seniors who will become members of their Class of 2014.  What are they looking for?  It’s like an academic version of “A Chorus Line.” And all you can do once you have done your part is to be patient and wait.

Well, actually, that’s not all.  You should continue being a high school senior, keeping up with your schoolwork so that if any colleges want to consider your first semester grades, you’ll have something worth showing.  But you should also try enjoying your last year of high school, participating in the activities that you love and spending time with friends that you’ve known since childhood.

And, of course, many colleges have January, February and even March 1 deadlines, so you still have time to click that “Submit” button a few more times in the next few months!

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