January 20, 2015

It’s Not Too Late to Apply for 2015 Admission!

The mad rush of applications may be over for many students, but for others, the decision to attend college is a recent one.  Although many deadlines have passed, there are dozens of schools that are accepting applications throughout the next few months, some as late as the end of July.  If you feel that you need to consider a few more schools or you have just decided to apply to college, it’s not too late.  The Common App lists every member school and its deadlines.  Take a look and explore some of these schools.

Here are some schools that have deadlines coming up in February:

Catholic University of America (2/15)
College of the Atlantic (2/15)
College of St. Rose (2/1)
DePaul University (2/1)
Dickinson University (2/1)
Drew University (2/16)
Drexel University (2/28)
Goucher College (2/1)
Iona (2/15)
Ithaca College (2/1)
Lake Forest (2/15)
Marist (2/1)
Miami University of Ohio (2/1)
Muhlenberg (2/1)
Ohio State (2/1)
Purdue (2/1)
Quinnipiac (2/1)
St. Joseph’s University (2/1)
Siena (2/15)
Simmons (2/15)
Stevens Institute of Technology (2/1)
Susquehanna (2/15)
Texas Christian University (2/15)
University of Michigan (2/1)
University of New England (2/15)
University of New Hampshire (2/1)
University of New Haven (2/1)
University of Southern Maine (2/15)

More to follow with even later deadlines!

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