October 29, 2007

Client Testimonials: J.Z., Michigan University

I remember sitting down attempting to begin my college essay. As I wrote and re-wrote, I knew it was all wrong. I couldn’t find the right words to get my point across, and it was becoming all too overwhelming.  After getting advice from another “expert,” I felt as if it was no longer my essay; however, this all changed when I met with Mrs. Kashman. Everything sort of fell into place. After meeting with Mrs. Kashman, I felt that she really understood me and what I was trying to say in my essay. She told me that she wasn’t going to write the essay for me but that she was going to lead me in the right direction. She not only helped me with my grammar and sentence structure, but she also helped me to take what I thought was something impossible to put to words, and create something beautiful.

~J.Z., Michigan University

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