May 19, 2017

LH, American University ’19

I’m from Trenton, New Jersey, where the crime rate is high and the literacy rate low. College was a dream to me, but one I was determined to make a reality. I met Margery in August of 2014. This is when we began to work together on my college applications and my application for the Bill Gates scholarship. Margery and I started by filling out the information part of the application. She helped me thoroughly check every single part of the information section so we didn’t miss anything. Next we started the essays: First, the Common App personal statement and second, the Additional Information question. Margery helped me edit and cut down an essay that was originally over 1,000 words into a perfect 649 word essay. Yes, Margery is so good at cutting and editing essays that she trimmed it all the way down to just one word under the limit without omitting one idea that was in the original essay.

After perfecting the Common App essays, we started to work on the writing supplements. Margery helped me edit and cut down each essay to perfection. After all of this, we started to work on the Gates scholarship application which included eight essays that could not total more than 1,000 words. Margery helped me format and edit all eight essays. I am happy to report that I got into six out of seven schools and that I was also awarded the Gates Scholarship. I know without a doubt that without Margery, I would not have been as successful as I am today. Thank you, Margery.

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