October 12, 2015

October Words of Whiz-dom

“Acceptance is an essay away” has been our motto since 2007, when College Essay Whiz launched its first website. However, although tackling the personal statement is the way CEW started, the services we offer are much more all-encompassing. Actually, there are so many elements to understand about the college application that it appears to first-time applicants like a giant and intimidating jigsaw puzzle of decisions ranging from how to enter school names on the Common App dashboard to how to answer particular questions. And then, of course, there are the essays.

College Essay Whiz offers expert advice and editing with a personal touch. I work with clients all over the country for admission to schools all over the world. In addition to decades of experience teaching high school English and journalism, I have visited colleges and met admissions officers all over the country and even some schools abroad. I have learned not only what schools offer but what they expect in a candidate. As a professional member of IECA and NACAC among other organizations, I have developed a network of fellow professionals who offer a remarkable support system. This has allowed me to expand my services from essay advice to choices of schools, programs, and application strategies.

Thanks to the advantages of Skype, students and parents do not have to trek to my Long Island office to meet with me – they can meet with me in the comfort of their own homes at convenient times to discuss any and all issues they face in the application process. We can discuss and edit essays facing each other on a virtual level, screen sharing the Common App, and sending text to each other through Skype chat. Phone works, too. Essays are exchanged by email.

Information abounds about the college process and the perfect essay. After a while, your head spins with advertisements and Facebook postings from experts all over the world. Some are – but you have to be just as informed a consumer when you choose a consultant as you are with the colleges you are exploring. The testimonial statements here and on the CEW website may help you make your decision.

Whether your child is a freshman or a senior, it’s never too early…or too late…to learn about the college process and get the best advice possible. CEW works with underclassmen to plan schedules, review activities, volunteer work and summer experiences, to guide them through the selection and writing processes.

Whether you’ve been through it before or have yet to even think about it, we can be a great resource for your college process.

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