October 28, 2007

Sample Questions for College Interview Practice

Who has had the greatest influence on you in your life?
Who is your hero? Why?
If you could meet one person, past or present, who would it be and what would you say to him/her?
How would you describe your most valuable friendships?
How do you feel about (a particular current event or issue)?
What makes you unique?

Your Town

1. What do you like/dislike about your town?
2. Describe your community.
2. What would you change?
3. How has your community molded you as a person?

Your Academic Profile

1. What makes you a good candidate for this school?
2. How would you explain a low grade on your transcript?
3. Describe an obstacle you faced or a challenge you experienced. How did you overcome it?
4. Do you feel that you have done the best academic work of which you were capable?
5. If you were able to start high school over again, what would you do differently in terms of the classes you took or the way you approached your studies?
6. How would your teachers (classmates, family) describe you?
7. What was your greatest academic accomplishment?
8. What is your greatest academic failure?

Your School

1. Describe your school: the student body, etc. What would you change about your school if you had the opportunity?
2. Describe your classes.

3. What was your favorite course? Your least favorite? The most challenging? What electives did you take and why?
4. Who was your favorite teacher?
Why? Least favorite? Why?

Your Activities

1. In what extracurricular activities are you the most active?
2. What do you like about them?
3. What has been your greatest contribution to one of those activities?
4. In what way have you exhibited leadership qualities, teamwork and cooperation in your activities?
5. What hobbies, etc. do you have outside school?
6. What do you like to do in your spare time?
7. Do you like to travel?
8. What was your most interesting vacation or trip?
9. Have you had any jobs?
10. What jobs have you enjoyed the most?
Least? Why? What have you learned from any of your bosses or co-workers?

1. Why do you want to attend college?
2. Why do you want to go to this college?
3. What do you know about our school?
4. What are your most important criteria in looking at colleges?
5. How did you learn about this school?
6. What major or course of study would you like to pursue?
7. What do you hope to gain from a college education?
8. What contribution do you plan to make as a student at our college?
9. How do you view yourself as a college graduate?
10. What would you like to ask the interviewer about this college?
(Don’t ask questions that are easily answered by looking at the school’s website, catalogue or view book) Suggestions:

  • What are the current issues on campus?
  • What are the most active clubs and organizations?
  • What publications does the school publish regularly?

Your Future Plans

1. What is your career plan?
2. How would a degree from this college help you achieve this?
3. Are you interested in research? Graduate school?
4. What is most important to you in your life?


Questions to Research

1. What are the admissions requirements of each school?
2. Is an interview (at college or by an alumnus) required or suggested?
3. Are recommendations required?
4. Are visits to the campus easily arranged?
5. What are my chances of being accepted?
6. What are the costs: tuition, room and board, fees, and books?
7. What are the school’s financial aid policy and scholarship opportunities?
8. What are the housing options?
9. How big are the classes?
10. What majors and programs are available?
11. What is the student/teacher ratio?
12. Does the school have a Greek life?
13. What athletics are offered?
14. What makes this school special?
15. What is the environment in the college town or city like?
16. Is transportation to and from the college easily available?

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