June 27, 2018

Standardized Test News for This Year’s College Applicants

Students who plan to apply early to any college must be sure to fulfill all requirements for taking and submitting scores of standardized tests by the school’s application deadline.

Most colleges and universities set a November 1 date for submission of applications (with some as early as mid-October and others as late as December 1). For the most part, the test scores that you want the schools to consider need to be submitted in a similarly timely fashion. So if you wish to take the SAT or ACT in time for your early applications, you need to register for those tests ASAP.

If you took the June 2 SAT and are waiting to decide whether to re-take them at the next opportunity, please be aware that the scores for the SAT and subject tests will be released on or about July 11.  The College Board has attributed the delay to the fact that June 2 is their busiest test date.  However, the College Board expects SAT score releases to resume the 2-3 week window starting with the upcoming August test, which will be on August 25.  The following subject tests are available on that date: Literature, U.S. History, World History, Mathematics Levels 1 and 2, Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics, French and Spanish. Registration deadline is July 27. In the fall, SAT testing dates are October 6 and November 3.

The next ACT testing dates are September 8 (registration August 5) and October 26 (registration September 20).

For further details about the SATs, go to College Board’s list of 2018-19 SAT Dates and Deadlines. College Board has a list of Test Center Venues as well.  You can also register for the ACT exam.

The Good: It’s been a long time coming, but finally the College Board (SAT) and the ACT have created and released a new “concordance chart” which will allow students to convert SAT and ACT scores for comparison in a much more user-friendly and accurate format than was previously available.  Check out Summit Educational Group’s SAT and ACT Release 2018 Concordance Charts.

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