October 31, 2018

Top Ten Halloween Tips for High School Seniors and College students

Halloween can be great fun, but here are some tips to keep it that way!

For college students: Don’t be naive! Halloween can be great fun but it can also cause your fellow students to behave irresponsibly. Think about doing the following:

1. Choose costumes carefully: Don’t go overboard with the cost of your costume. College is certainly expensive enough.
2. The skimpier the costume, the more suggestive it will be to others. Even if you think it might be a great way to meet people, the message might not be exactly what you want.
3. Wear a costume with pockets or carry a small bag with a fully-charged phone. Don’t expect to leave valuables in your coats or pocketbook.
4. Be sure you know who is throwing the party and be aware of the proliferation of drugs and alcohol. Don’t go overboard with the temptation of getting wasted!
5. Be safe: Stay in groups, and don’t go or leave on your own.
6. Watch out for your friends. Make sure that they aren’t getting themselves into dangerous or compromising situations.
7. Don’t accept rides home from strangers or fellow students who are impaired. Keep a list of safe ride numbers, on-campus security, and cab companies that can get you back to your dorm safely.
8. Have fun, but don’t be afraid to leave a party if you feel uncomfortable!

High School Seniors: You have just finished applying early to your colleges, and you are ready to celebrate your last high school Halloween. All of the above applies to you as well. Also:

1. Be sure that your parents, a sibling or a local cab company will be available to take you home.
2. Don’t post any suggestive photos of yourself on social media. Although chances are slim that admissions officers will be hovering, you never know where your pictures will be viewed.

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