April 14, 2017

Tour Along with College Essay Whiz: Georgetown University

Uniquely located in a quiet Washington DC neighborhood across the river from Virginia, Georgetown University offers a vibrant and challenging social and academic environment. With a 16 percent acceptance rate, Georgetown provides its students with access to an expansive network of alumni and a range of on-campus and off-campus resources and opportunities.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Georgetown University

  1. The oldest Catholic and Jesuit university in the U.S., Georgetown was founded in 1789 by John Carroll, a Jesuit who wanted to cultivate a learning community that embraced religious pluralism and understanding. To this day Georgetown maintains this ideal: Full-time Catholic, Hindu, Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim are available to students. Georgetown students must take two religious studies courses, the first of which serves as a Freshman Writing Seminar. Because of its Catholic roots, the university has always maintained that it is not compatible with Greek life. In recent years, though, a few fraternities and sororities have sprung up, though they do not dominate the social scene in the same way as at other institutions; in fact, only one – a co-ed community service fraternity – is officially recognized by the university. With 44 percent of the student body composed of people of color or international students, students from all walks of life and belief systems can find a home at Georgetown.
  2.  Georgetown’s commitment to service
    is central to the university identity and conviction that learning must be combined with action. Students have ample opportunity to give back through the Center for Social Justice, a campus-based hub that finds volunteer opportunities in DC, in the wider US, and abroad during the school year, winter, alternative spring breaks, or the summer. Georgetown students give more than 140,000 hours yearly in community service.
  3. There is a real sense of community on campus With 6,400 undergraduates, this medium-sized campus has a real university feel to it with a sense of community both within and without their individual academic colleges, which host their majors. These include Georgetown College, with majors such as Biology, Arabic, and Economics; the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, whose majors include International History and Global Business; the Robert Emmett McDonough School of Business, with majors such as Finance and Marketing; and the School of Nursing and Health Studies, which offers majors including International Health and Human Science. With over 200 clubs – and almost 30 varsity athletic teams, there is plenty to do on this dynamic campus.
  4. There are many opportunities to experience life and work in DC. Georgetown cannot be accessed by the Metro train that links most of the city; however, shuttle buses to the nearest Metro stations regularly run and are free for students. There are also many places that offer discounted prices for Georgetown students – such as the renowned Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Due to the vast number of organizations and companies in DC area, students have ample internship opportunities
  5. Georgetown offers an Early Assurance Medical program. Since at Georgetown, pre-med is a concentration rather than a major, students bound for medical school have the opportunity to explore in depth one of the physical science majors while preparing for their medical careers. Strong students who are certain of their med-school track can apply for Early Assurance, which will grant early admission to Georgetown Medical School by the end of sophomore year – which means no need to take the MCAT!
  6. Foreign language study is a must. All students, by graduation, must have completed four semesters of a foreign language, or otherwise prove foreign language proficiency. Seventy percent of Georgetown’s students study abroad, an experience that is made somewhat easier by the maintenance of financial aid packages during their months in one of 40 other countries.
  7. You can take a workshop in 3D printing at the University library. Students have access to the Maker Hub, which hosts advanced tools for fabrication and experimentation. They can work on projects of their own, or attend workshops in textiles, virtual reality, hand and power tools, and, yes, 3D printing.
  8. Georgetown offers its own application rather than the Common App. Georgetown’s individual application includes two essays, the SAT or ACT, three SAT II Subject tests, transcripts, and teacher and guidance counselor recommendations. Georgetown is also not a Score Choice university. You must submit your entire testing history, and may not simply choose the best scores. Application information for 2018 will be available in June 2017.
  9. Notable alumni include Former President Bill Clinton, who is currently giving a lecture series (available to undergraduate students) at Georgetown on his public service career, and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, a professor of diplomacy at Georgetown. Other alumni include Bradley Cooper, Maria Shriver, and Antonin Scalia.

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