November 19, 2017

Tour Along with College Essay Whiz: Towson University

Doc the Tiger proudly stands for one of the largest public universities in Maryland. A 25-mile drive north of Baltimore City, Towson University is a large school nestled in a green, suburban setting.  Home to 19,000 undergraduates, the 330-acre campus is surprisingly walkable; in fact, the trek from one end to another is a mere 15 minutes through what feels like a Towson village, full of residence halls, eateries, and a bridge connecting the two sides of campus. Enrolled students can choose from over 60 majors, as well as many more opportunities for research, internships, study abroad, and much more. Here are some of the perks that Towson offers:


1. Every course is taught by a professor. With an average class size of 24 and a student: teacher ratio of 17:1, students learn directly from their professors.

2. Freshmen don’t have to know their exact life path immediately. First-year students are assigned an advisor who helps to put them on a strong academic path.

3. What’s in it for nursing majors? Towson graduates top nurses who quickly find jobs. Nursing students receive hands-on experience, especially in the simulation hospital that occupies half of the nursing wing and is modeled after real hospitals.

4. And Deaf Studies Majors? All the Deaf Studies professors are deaf, so students are speaking in and perfecting their American Sign Language from the very beginning.

5. There are tons of activities on campus: 300 student-run organizations, ranging from the Ethiopian/Eritrean club to a club for students who take care of the campus stray cats. Towson also has 19 Division I teams and many club and intramural options. About 15% of students join one of the 35 on-campus Greek chapters.

6. The Honors College is prestigious – and comes with perks. Honors College students get guaranteed housing all four years, access to additional scholarships, priority registration for classes and smaller class sizes.

7. The Career Center is very helpful. The Center puts on over 300 events each year, including the job and internship fair they host each semester, bringing over 400 employers. The Center will also loan students interview attire if necessary. Students can take personality tests to steer them in the right direction; they can also take advantage of the professional photo booth for those LinkedIn headshots!

8. The health center offers much more than stitches. Students also have access to free and unlimited therapy, massages (not free), as well as therapy dogs that are brought to campus during finals.

9. If your tablet breaks? The Office of Technology Services has you covered. They will repair your computer, phone or tablet free of charge, provided that no spare parts must be ordered.

10. Towson is the safest university in Maryland. With campus security patrolling the grounds 24/7, free shuttles available to students, as well as four layers of security to get to your dorm room, there are rarely safety incidents on campus.

*Notable alumni include: Gymnast and American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro, comedian Amy Schumer, weatherman Bob Turk, NFL player Jermon Bushrod, and Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera.

Up next: Loyola University!

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