September 21, 2011

Wednesday Words of “Whiz”dom # 4: Accept vs. Except

Accept is a verb. It can mean to agree, to be admitted, to receive, to answer affirmatively, to regard as true. It may also mean to receive officially or to endure with patience.

I was thrilled to accept the offer of a summer internship.I hope that I will be accepted to the college of my choice.I accepted the fact that I would not be chosen as captain of the team.

It was a generally accepted fact that students who were in band could not also participate in chorus.

Except may be either a verb or a preposition.

As a verb, it means “to leave out” or “to omit.”
As a preposition, it means “excluding.”

I do not have a final exam grade in physics because honor students were excepted from having to take the test.

I participated on the tennis team each spring except last semester because I had broken my leg.

The Case of the Dangling Participle: Answers

Here are some ways to correct the dangling participles from last Wednesday’s Words of “Whiz”dom:

Incorrect: Ripped to shreds, Jason had to throw out his jeans
Correct: Jason had to throw out his jeans because they were ripped to shreds.

Incorrect: Flying around the kitchen, Fred chased his parakeet
Correct: Fred chased his parakeet as it was flying around the kitchen.

Incorrect: A bowling ball was used by John weighing twelve pounds.
Correct! John used a bowling ball that weighed twelve pounds. (or) John used a bowling ball weighing five pounds.

Incorrect: These footprints were made wearing high heels.
Correct; These footprints were made by someone wearing high heels.

Stay tuned for more examples of dangling modifiers with clever and creative illustrations.

Be sure to write right!

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