December 10, 2018

You’ve hit submit, but you’re not done yet!

Even after you’ve submitted your applications, regardless of the option you have chosen (ED, EA, REA, EDII, priority, regular, or rolling), each school expects you to do your due diligence in keeping up with the progress of your application. Schools on Common App, for example, give you simple directions to keep track of your application.

  1. You might have noticed that many Common App schools will congratulate you for completing the application, but then you see the words, “What’s next?” You need to click on that and learn what the school expects you to be doing while you are waiting for a response. Most schools ask you to set up an account and to check it regularly.  That is where a school will tell you if something is missing, and if you don’t take care of the issue, you could be shifted to regular decision or your application could even be voided out.  Don’t be terrified by the fact that items may appear to be missing.  Glitches happen. Schools are aware of this, and they generally are very clear about how to remedy the situation.
  2. Even if your college list shows a green check mark indicating that your Common App and the accompanying supplementary information have been submitted, things might be missing. For example, it is easy to miss sending in the Writing Supplement after your Common App is submitted. Several schools direct you back to the Writing Supplement, which then must be reviewed and submitted electronically. However, as more people use the Common App website at peak periods, there are sometimes slowdowns and then submissions time out. If you discover by checking your account that something is missing, the schools will direct you to the best way to submit the missing materials ASAP.  Don’t be afraid to email or call the school to find out exactly what to do.
  3. Then be sure to check the portal every few days. Other missing items might be letters of reference from teachers through Naviance or other recommenders that are uploaded direction to Common App, your standardized test scores, and any additional materials that you might have emailed after the application is submitted.

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